The Future of Porn: Virtual Reality


Online porn viewing has already reached numbers most people never imagined. Gazillions of individuals find sexual gratification via looking at hardcore porn videos and sex pics. Now, there’s another form of pornography which is taking the adult industry to another level. Virtual reality is being hailed as the future of pornography. There are several reasons as to why VR porn is receiving these accolades. In the virtual reality sector, constant new changes are making it the future of porn. VR porn leads the way when it comes to technology and creativity as it relates to adult content.





Statistics for porn viewing has already surpassed numbers unlike any in the past. Hundreds of adult sites get visitors amounting to millions daily. Although there are dozens of porn categories to choose from, some stand out above others. For instance, lesbian, MILF, amateur, hentai, Japanese, step mom, BBW and ebony, are among the most popular. You also have to add the VR porn genre to that list. Some adult sites have experienced astounding growth when it comes to VR porn use. PornHub, which is considered by many as one of the best adult sites in the world, is a perfect example. Their VR porn category only had about 30 hardcore porn videos in 2016. However, there are now more than 2,600 VR porn videos found in that section today. Some of the VR porn videos get more than half a million views per day.



To showcase how fast the VR porn sector is growing, one can look at when the spike began. According to statistics, the boost in viewership began around Christmas time. It appears that is when many people where purchasing VR headsets. They became one of the hottest tech gifts last year. As more people had access to VR headsets, many began indulging in VR porn viewing. The porn industry has taken noticed about this increased in VR headsets and similar equipment being sold. It’s part of why adult sites and the industry has been adding so much new VR porn videos and content. And why they are spending millions investing in VR porn. They understand that virtual reality is the future of pornography.




Realistically, it is easy to see and understand this strategy. When it is all said and done, pornography is all about imagination. It’s also about fantasy and being able to feel as if you are part of whatever it is you are watching. That’s exactly what makes virtual reality porn so great. Most people who watch hardcore porn videos do so because they want to find sexual release. They can watch any kind of porno in order to become sexually aroused. The end result is the person being able to masturbate to reach an orgasm. Whenever people are masturbating, they tend to close their eyes and imagine being there. It doesn’t matter what the pornography is that they are watching. The viewer wants to feel – at least in their mind – as if they are actually taking part in the sexual act.

This is where virtual reality shines and makes the experience that much better. People don’t have to close their eyes or imagine being part of it. At least not in the same sense as with regular porn viewing. Virtual reality allows you to see porn in a totally realistic way. It’s almost as if the person is part of whatever they are watching. To make the sexual experience even more realistic, there other options. People can purchase additional equipment which takes virtual sex to another level entirely. Haptic suits are a perfect example. They allow a person to sexually immerse themselves via digital reality. It makes the entire experience dissimilar to anything felt or seen before. In addition, VR flash suits help accentuate the touching and feeling part of the virtual reality process.


The sexual experience being achieved by those using virtual reality equipment is taking porn to another level. Some are even comparing it to a form of digital infidelity. That is when it comes to couples who are married or have a spouse. The ability to engage in virtual sex with another person via webcams or another digital form, takes on a new meaning in VR porn.  When you add the 3D and 360 factor, the realism part of it becomes even better. Clearly, virtual reality porn is changing the adult industry in many ways. It’s doing so the same way that viewing online porn changed the entire adult sector. People are now able to find and see all the hardcore porno they wanted, from anywhere they wish.

That same concept can be applied to virtual reality porn. Individuals are now able to engage in virtual sex from the comfort of their homes or anywhere else. Which is exactly why virtual reality is the future of porn.