What are virtual reality headset? Or What is a virtual reality headset?


What are virtual reality headset? Or What is a virtual reality headset?

Virtual Reality is the next big frontier in user experience. It is used for entertainment, for training in medical schools, the military or in engineering. It could also be used to attend virtual meetings in a more realistic manner. The applications for virtual reality are virtually unlimited. In this article, we will talk about one of the most important parts of the current virtual reality tools – the headset.

What is a VR headset?

A virtual reality headset is a tool that enables a user to immerse himself in the virtual environment. A typical headset looks like a big pair of goggles that shuts off the entire light from outside and presents high definition screens in front of your eyes. These screens are set at an angle to give you a high-resolution three-dimensional experience.

The headset also contains a head and a motion tracking system which helps the computer generate the surroundings based on your relative position in the environment.

For Example, when you turn right, the tracker will recognize the change and present to you the images from the right side. The devices are built with very low latency such that your brain is tricked to believe that you turned your head in the virtual space and you can see what is on the right side.



The headset is connected to a power source and an input controller like a PC or a Smartphone that provides the images. Some headsets may also have an audio output that can be connected to the user’s ear via a conventional earphone. This will use the stereo system to spatially provide the appropriate sound output to match the user’s VR experience.


Starting from the basic Google cardboard to units like the Oculus Rift, there are many types of VR headsets available. The cost differentiation is typically based on how close a headset can bring you to the Virtual space. Development is still ongoing and most mass marketed products are still finding it hard to trick your brain into believing in the Virtual Reality space. But a tremendous amount of progress has been made in the last few years and in the coming years, we will see even more realistic tools and VR content.

The other challenging aspect of the current VR headset is the field of view. Getting a 360-degree view would be an expensive and an unnecessary affair in most cases. But a 180 degrees view is lower than what the human eye typically perceives. Finding the right balance between the two will make the VR headsets more popular.

Virtual Reality will take the gaming immersion to the next level. There are already hundreds of titles available for the avid gamers to enjoy in the virtual space.

Some VR headsets make it users tired quickly and in some users it causes vertigo. If the companies can find a solution for the VR tiredness, it will be easy for gamers and the future VR users to adopt this technology much faster.

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