Does Microsoft’s Xbox console have Virtual Reality support?

Does Microsoft’s Xbox console have Virtual Reality support?

Virtual reality is currently taking the world by storm and many developers are taking a piece of the pie and creating their own VR technology to compete in an already busy market. We now have a range of different VR tools such as VR headsets that we can slot our smartphones into, to fully fledged VR headsets that provide us with immerse augmented reality. Furthermore, game and app developers are providing us with some beautiful titles that allow us to experience virtual reality in new and exciting ways.

As you would expect, console gaming is an area that VR is jumping ahead in leaps and bounds. The console market is an ideal place to push VR technology as you have a captive audience who generally love new creations and advancements in technology that improves their gaming experience. For those who have an Xbox, a repeated question is; does this console have support for virtual reality? Find out the answer below!

Sony sets the precedent with PlayStation VR

To answer the question straight away – the Xbox does NOT currently have any VR capabilities or support.

Let us now look at the factors relating to this statement – first, we can start with main rivals Sony. Some people state that Microsoft simply feels that they cannot compete with Sony’s PlayStation VR which has taken off to a whole new level. Sony was the first console developer to offer VR technology and their PlayStation VR has sold over 2 million units – how could Microsoft follow this in second place? Sony has proved that console VR technology can be successful and that there is a huge demand for this type of product – so why hasn’t Microsoft follow suit?


Microsoft Mixed Reality headsets still aren’t compatible with Xbox consoles

Secondly, we can see that Microsoft does actually have a variety of virtual reality technologies such as the Windows mixed reality headsets. It’s not as if the company simply hasn’t invested in VR technology or that they don’t have the capability – they do which makes it all the more confusing!

Furthermore, Microsoft actually first dabbled with the idea of a VR console with their initial preview of the Xbox One X – in 2016, this magnificent new console was premiered to the world and VR support was a big talking point. Since then, however, any notion of VR for the One X has been dropped. Maybe Microsoft has tried to create VR console technology but for whatever reason, it hasn’t worked as planned?


Is time running out or have Microsoft missed the boat?

The above information paints a bleak picture for the future of Xbox VR hopes. Many people believe that Microsoft may have simply missed their opportunity and to release a VR console now would be a big flop. Only time will tell – for now, Xbox gamers will have to seek alternative means to use VR technology as their beloved console, unfortunately, draws a blank. Perhaps 2018 will see Microsoft unveil a mind-blowing VR console –we wait with baited breath!

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